The State Of Our Roads Today

The State Of Our Roads TodayThere seems to be more cars, vans, trucks and general vehicles on our roads and highways today, causing more accidents and traffic congestion than there has been. However, the roads in the UK are still amongst the safest in the world.

As I drove up and down the motorways today, as the traffic slows down for what seems to be no reason, you eventually get to an accident, which you wonder how can someone have an accident on such a straight road. The only answer I can think of today is the lack of concentration, focus and just pure stupidity.

In A Hurry

People today just seem to be in a hurry, they are careless and just pure reckless. You can certainly relate to being in a hurry and having to get somewhere quickly because you’re late. However, it’s just not worth it as it causes people to drive far too fast, they travel in speeds that they are not used to, they can’t react quick enough, it just comes down to dangerous driving and they end up losing control.

Drink Driving

There is always a big push about drink-driving around Christmas time then you don’t hear anything for the rest of the year, or maybe just a couple of ads throughout the year.

Drink-driving accidents have indeed reduced over the last few years. However, drink-driving still contributes to 10% of the annual road deaths in the UK.

If you are caught under the influence of alcohol when driving your car, means you can get banned from driving and/or £5000 fine.

More people certainly need to understand the potential risks of drink-driving and just eradicate it from there day to day driving.

Car Crash Compilation – Watch In Fear:

Car accidents are bad news in every sense. You can just be driving to work or holiday and you have a crash. It could be your fault or the other persons and it could end your life or give you a serious injury.

I’ve added a compilation of different car crashes that have been recorded and it sends a shiver down my spine just watching the video:

I hope you enjoyed watching the video, or not so much enjoyed but it brought home how vulnerable we are and how dangerous the roads are today.

Enjoy driving and be safe

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